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"Uncover the Intriguing Story of Turvey Collective: A Closer Look at the Creative Minds Behind the Brand"

Whilst myself (Nathan) and my now husband Tom were planning our wedding we found a gap in the market for unique wedding furniture to fit our theme - Modern, Masculine, Industrial with the charm of a country cottage. Sounds like a strange theme I know - but we had a clear vision for our wedding, and this is where the designing and building began. Roping in the crafty carpenter hands of my brother Aaron and others of the Turvey family - Turvey Collective was born. After many late nights and early mornings designing, building, painting and fussing over our key furniture items, everyone could see a small snippet of what's floating around inside my crazy mind. After managing to get through the planning, styling, designing, building, and crafting of pretty much every aspect of our wedding we are here to help do the same for you. After our wedding in July 2019, we launched into the wedding industry and things were looking up.... until Covid stuck. I was made redundant from my full-time job early on in the Covid saga which allowed me to throw myself into Turvey Collective and get the business growing. We all know what happened next... Covid shut down the wedding industry, and during this time we made some pretty big life changes. Moving to the other side of Sydney and opening our home to two beautiful foster boys. Whilst starting a new full-time job, managing being a new parent of a 3yo, and then 6 months later a 10mo we decided to put the business on hold until we felt a little more balanced in life. And that brings us to where we are today. We have just launched our new website, curating a new range of furniture and props and throwing ourselves deep into the wedding industry again.

We are a team that is dedicated to bringing your vision to life and making your dream event a reality. Subscribe below so you don't miss our future blog posts which will be full of hot wedding tips and tricks.

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